Posted on 23 December 2021

NAREA – National Albanian Real Estate Association welcomes the approach shown by the responsible institutions, the willingness and will to address the suggestion and argument of the market actors of Irregligible Property Brokerage, in favor of Some Amendments to Law No. 90/2019 “On The Revaluation of Real Estate”.

#NAREA believes that extending the Real Estate Revaluation Deadline, with a revaluation rate of 3%, serves as a very good regulatory mechanism:

  1. Giving the opportunity to ASHK to successfully complete any applications already submitted and for which the revaluing owner (which in most cases is also a seller in the near future) has not yet received a confirmation on the revaluation tax measure.
  2. It encourages transactions with Real Estate, making all properties, regardless of category, year of construction, depreciation, marketable, competitive and a good alternative to the market.
  3. Promotes investments in Real Estate by developing ownership titles and the right of anyone to own a real estate.
  4. It encourages the formalization and avoiding tax evasion in property transfer transactions. Through the revaluation process, it is possible to reflect the real price in the market and not only according to the reference prices.
  5. Promotes the fight against money laundering, encouraging revalued transactions at market price and not just under the reference price system.

#NAREA, remains committed to adding value to the country’s economy, contributing with sustainable solutions in terms of the revaluation tax rate of real estate, taking into account the categorization of constructions, year of construction, amortization principles, the factual state of the facility and fiscal components.

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