Posted on 28 January 2022

Law “On the profession of real estate broker”:

At the conclusion of the several months engagement of NAREA – National Albanian Real Estate Association In the process of drafting the Law on “On the Profession of Irregionable Property Broker”, on January 25th, 2022, the Commission on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and the Commission on Economy and Finance, and on January 27th the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, approved the Law on “On the Profession of Imanot Broker”, reflecting part of the suggestions of the #NAREA.

As an interest group, #NAREA welcomes this development in the regulatory framework of real estate transactions. We express our gratitude to every sector actor involved in this process, for the contribution given in order for this Draft Law to be improved and to any of the state institutions who had the readiness, understood and reflected the suggestions.

Through this Law, the Real Estate Broker Profession is consolidated even more as a “Significant Public Profession”, thus guaranteeing increased market share in real estate transactions, continued professional development, higher ethical standards, and mutual protection in business relations and with state institutions.

In order to best enforce this law, #NAREA reaffirms the commitment to continue working, in a climate of mutual trust, in the process of drafting and implementing bylaw/normative acts, which will further address and refine this regulatory framework, always having as a compass, not only the empowerment of the intermediaries of the #NAREAAnd the protection and protection of the right of ownership for all.

We are ready to respond to the interests of everyone,

National Association of Real Estate Brokers of Albania (NAREA)

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