Posted on 8 November 2021

Invited to the Central Informative Edition of Window TV, the Executive Director of the National Albanian Real Estate Association, shared the concern about the short time left available to consult the Law on the Profession of Irreversible Property Broker. This concern comes also due to the difference between the process of drafts discussed earlier, as well as the spirit of the Law itself, regulating the MEDIATION sector that for 25 years has functioned very well, with its own benefits and challenges.

There is an approach by the executive, not taking into account the expertise of the actors in the market, to remove the independence of this sector and to pass decision-making/centralize it to micromanagement to the Line Institutions.

This law was intended only to combat money laundering, as the sector is already subject to the respective regulatory framework (commercial companies and PPP&FT).

The case of some articles mentioning the power of the executive over the courts, giving them the right to grant and revoke licenses, communicates to us an unhealthy climate of cooperation.

Of course, we are PRO creating a regulatory framework with the highest standards, taking examples countries like the USA (where this sector is highly developed), we are committed to processes that raise the professional and ethical standard of MEDIATION, but this is done in partnership with the sector for which this framework is being created and not only.


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