Posted on 9 November 2021

Invited to FaxNews, to comment on recent developments regarding the Draft Law on the Real Estate Broker Profession and the impact on actors represented by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers of Albania (National Albanian Real Estate Association It was communicated that there is a concentration of authority in the hands of the Minister and the Ministry of Justice, trying to strip this sector of independence and self-regulation, which has been operating for 25-30 years.

There are disciplinary processes that lead to suspension of the license, based on suspicion, but without being tested 100% in evidence under the legal framework.

There are moments when the Courts decide in favour of mediators and that does not stop the Ministry from continuing the disciplinary process.

There are decision-making for the sector, training programs of at least 180 Hours, code of ethics as the Constitution of the Mediation Profession, the composition of the Disciplinary Commission, all focused on government institutions, which out-players of the sector and NAREA, who have been operating in the market for years and bringing a valuable expertise.

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